Enyce – Blacklisted

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Enyce is a lethal new music artist set to drop a bomb with his EP “Blacklisted”. Notoriously known in the Ballroom community as the “Voice of California”, when Enyce first started voguing 12 years ago he was a wild child fresh out of the system and fresh off the streets. Taken in and molded by the elders of the scene, he was encouraged to pick up a mic and commentate for the balls, and has controlled the crowd for every major function on the West Coast since. When he teamed up with indie club veterans Purple Crush, a partnership was formed that would change LA Ballroom and the course of Enyce’s creative career. Helping them launch Banjee Ball, which has diversified and expanded the Ballroom scene on the West Coast, in turn he was brought into recording studio where Enyce has spent the last couple years honing his musical sound. “Blacklisted” is a raw glimpse into the life of this colorful character, blending Hip-Hop with Ballroom music, and drenched in raunchy, aggressive lyricism. This EP pulls no punches and gives you the 411 from the street. Gay Rap has a new face.

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