Rica Shay

Rica Shay

Rica Shay

Rica Shay is one of the rising stars in the Queer rap movement of the last 5 years. He began his journey in high school performing at spoken word poetry jams in Scottsboro, Alabama, and by the age of 23 moved on to original music in the Atlanta and New York club scenes. Rica Shay’s live performances are high energy dance-offs that are both titillating and inspiring, having taken his show all over the country and recently across the pond.

In July 2016 Rica Shay released his single “Turn This” on Crushed Records, produced by the label’s owner, Air Jared aka Purple Crush. In January of 2017, Crushed Records releases the “Turn This” remix EP, featuring Creatures and Rami Ramirez.

As he told Huffington Post:

“Regardless of the tone of the song, I always put uplifting lyrics into my music,” Rica Shay told The Huffington Post. “It’s very important to me to to stay true to myself in my music. Writing and performing live are what really drive me. Sometimes I spend hours on the subway listening to beats and writing in my notebook. Generally I am a socially awkward and quiet person ― but being on stage allows for me to be express myself and be uninhibited. It’s when I really feel like I have control.”

We’re feeling it, Rica. ”

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